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    Football, Basketball, Family


    Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Canada, I embarked on a journey that intertwined passion, athleticism, and education. Attending Victoria High School, I honed my skills on the field and court while pursuing academic endeavors. Fueling my love for football, I continued my education at the University of British Columbia, where I not only played football but also thrived academically. Transitioning to the professional realm, I played football in the Canadian Football League with teams such as BC, Calgary, and Saskatchewan. However, my love for sport extended beyond the gridiron; I embraced rugby from a young age, starting at Margaret Jenkins Elementary and on to Oak Bay, Vic High and playing club rugby for James Bay. As my playing career evolved, so did my commitment to coaching.

    From football to basketball to rugby, I dedicated myself to helping young athletes chase their goals, achieving success along the way, including BC high school basketball and rugby titles, CUMRC and BC Men’s Premiership Championships. Additionally, my coaching tenure also includes two years with the Canada u18 Men’s team. Presently, I impart knowledge and mentorship as a teacher and coach at St. Georges School in Vancouver, BC, fostering the next generation of leaders both on and off the field.